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If Someone is Arrested on Christmas

If someone you love is arrested on Christmas, there are no words to express the feelings with which you may be overwhelmed. It’s a time for joy, and instead you and your loved one have to deal with the legal system. As unfortunate as that is, you can handle it, and here is some advice on how to do so.

What to Do

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If Someone is Arrested on Christmas, Call Us.

While, if you’re angry, it may be tempting to let the person stay in jail for the time being, that person must be in court within a certain time period. This means that person could be forced to miss days of work, causing more trouble. Plus, jail is a terrifying place and you probably don’t really want to leave anyone there.

If someone you know is arrested on Christmas, stay calm. Christmas can be a stressful time on its own and an arrest will only make things feel more so. You should be able to contact the Booking Officer and find out what happened, and how you can help. Get the information about the arrest and contact the bail bondsman. Arranging bail should not be difficult, even around Christmas; though it’s a holiday, the criminal justice system does not stop. Hopefully, you can bail your loved one out sooner rather than later. Then, that person will have to show up for any assigned court date.

If someone you love is arrested on Christmas, you will need help, and we’re here to offer that help. We offer 24/7 bail bonds services for those times when the unexpected happens and you don’t know where to turn. Call 316-755-5142 for bail bonds services in Wichita, KS.