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What Does a Personal Recognizance Bond Mean?

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Learn More About Personal Recognizance

When it comes to having your legal obligations lightened in weight many wish for personal recognizance otherwise known as a personal bond. If you wish to learn more about personal recognizance and what it can mean for you get in touch with your legal representation today. Until then, here is some general background information regarding personal recognizance that can prove helpful to you.

What does recognizance mean?

Personal recognizance in some common law nations refers to a conditional obligation taken by a person before a court of law. This obligation is one of record that is entered into either a magistrate duly authorized or a court whereby the party that’s bound recognizes that they owe a personal debt to the state.

What does it mean when someone is released on their own recognizance?

When someone is released on their own personal recognizance after they have been arrested they won’t have to pay bail to the court since a bond isn’t posted. After promising in writing to appear in court for all future proceedings the suspect is then released.

What is supervised own recognizance?

Supervised personal recognizance release is when a defendant is still in an ongoing criminal case but gets released with certain conditions. Conditions will vary on a case by case basis yet common ones can be wearing an electronic monitor or submitting to unannounced drug or alcohol tests.

Who qualifies for a PR bond?

The judge will be the one to decide if someone is eligible for personal recognizance and will factor in several things such as if the case is non-violent or violent. People who qualify for personal recognizance will typically have good standing in the community that they reside in and a clearer criminal history.

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What factors are considered when releasing someone on personal recognizance?

  • The severity of the crime charged;
  • The suspect’s criminal record;
  • The danger posed to the public if the suspect is released; and.
  • The suspect’s ties to family, community and employment.

What happens if you violate a PR bond?

If you violate a personal recognizance bond there can be more restrictive conditions such as having to check in more often with your court officer or going to court more often. Some things that may be added on can be wearing an ankle monitoring device if the bail violation involved leaving the state. Depending on the type of violation, the judge, and your history with the court added conditions and restrictions may vary. Even though you might have more severe conditions your lawyer may be able to fight for more lenient restrictions. However, the more you violate your bond the less leverage your lawyer will have. Ultimately, violating your bail conditions may or may not lead to your bond being revoked. Make sure to abide accordingly to your conditions to the best of your ability.

Can a PR bond be revoked?

A personal recognizance bond can be revoked if there is a new charge, conditions are not met, you get arrested again, fail to show up in court, or similar scenarios. Make sure to follow your legal obligations in a timely manner following guidelines in order to not face subsequent consequences. 

What does it mean when a judge revokes your bond?

When a bond is revoked this means that that the individual will need to pay the court whatever the bond amount the personal recognizance bond was set at. They may even need to remain in jail for the duration of the case or get taken into custody again.

How does bail work Kansas?

Kansas state law allows bail bond companies to keep the amount paid at the cost of doing business. With appearances in court and upon conclusion of the court case the bail bond is dissolved. The collateral is then returned to the person who paid it and the 10% fee is given to the bail bondman as profit.

What two purposes does bail serve?

The purpose that bail serves is to ensure that defendants will appear for all pretrial and trial hearings. Minus the processing fees required by some states, the bail amount is returned to the defendant or individual who paid bail.

Get In Contact With Your Local Bail Bondsmen

Get the help that’s necessary after you or someone you know has been arrested and requires bail. If you’re in need of a personal recognizance bond get into contact with your local and well-reputed bail bonds company. Getting personal recognizance is ideal for many who have been arrested so it’s best to follow through with the conditions set upon you with your particular case. If you have any questions or concerns contact your legal representative for more information.

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