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24 Hour Bail Bonds thanks for choosing your professional bail bondsman for 24 hour bail bonds in Benton, KS, Air Capital Bail Bonds. Always remember your rights as well as your options if you or someone you care about have been arrested. With the assistance of a bondsman, you can easily pay only 10% or 15% of the required bail price. This includes DUI charges, domestic violence charges, and more. You can continue to rely on us to help you, night or day, 24/7, so call our office at 316-755-5142 whenever you need us!

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Though bail is a common and necessary practice, not a lot of people understand the bail bonds process entirely. However, at Air Capital Bail Bonds, we’re here 24 hours a day to assist you with this, every step of the process. After you or someone you know have been arrested and put through processing, you should expect a bail hearing. In many cases, the judge will determine a bail price at the hearing, which will be the price the defendant needs to pay to leave jail until his or her official trial. Bail can be costly, so if you are unable to afford it, you can get help from your local bondsman! Explore on the links below to discover more about the 24 hour bail bonds services our crew can assist you with!

Common Bail Bonds

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Other Types Of Bail

Other Types Of Bail

  • Surety Bonds Click here to learn how bail bonds are different from surety bonds.
  • Personal Bond This is a rare occurrence, but sometimes a judge can allow the defendant to choose a personal recognizance bond.
  • Cash Bail In some cases, a judge may require a cash bail amount, and you may not be eligible for bail bondsman assistance.
  • Immigration Bonds If you are not an american citizen and would like to post bail, you may be eligible under certain circumstances.

24 Hour Bail Bonds Between your bail hearing and the actual trial, there might be weeks of waiting, so posting bail is your sole option to wait outside of jail. Spending the weeks before your hearing in a jail cell certainly isn’t the best way to prepare for your trial. Talk to a bondsman now at 316-755-5142 to find out how Air Capital Bail bonds can assist you with your bail. We’re professional at all times, and we make sure to protect your privacy, as well as your rights, at all times with our discreet, as well as fast services. We are happy to provide 24 hour bail bonds in Benton, KS and the surrounding areas, in an effort to assist our clients through stressful times.