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24 Hour Bail Bonds If you want an affordable bail bondsman to help you with 24 hour bail bonds in Valley Falls, KS, Air Capital Bail Bonds is the company to keep in mind. After an arrest, of either yourself or a family member, make sure to consider your options. Bail can be expensive, but with our help, you can plan to pay as little at 10% of that original bail price. We can assist you with drug offenses, DUIs, assault, and more! Contact us any time, any day, at 316-755-5142 . We are here 24/7 to serve you!

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The bail process can be difficult for anyone, particularly if you haven’t worked with it previously. At Air capital Bail Bonds, we’re glad to help with any questions you might have, and we are here 24 hours a day to help you. A bail hearing is started shortly after the defendant has been detained and sent through processing at the jail. More often than not, a judge will decide an amount for the defendant’s bail at this hearing, so if the defendant can afford that bail, he or she can leave jail until their official trial. Bail can be costly, so if you are not able to afford it, you can get assistance from a local bondsman! Explore on the links provided to learn more about the 24 hour bail bonds services we can assist you with!

Common Bail Bonds

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Other Types Of Bail

Other Types Of Bail

  • Surety Bonds The term surety bonds is sometimes used in place of bail bonds, but there is a key difference to know.
  • Personal Bond Under the right circumstances, a defendant can be eligible for a personal bond, though this is not common.
  • Cash Bail Cash bail is different from standard bail, and cannot always be helped by bail agents.
  • Immigration Bonds To learn more about how immigration bail works, and what your options are, click here!

24 Hour Bail Bonds If you choose not to make bail, you could be left sitting in jail for several weeks while awaiting your official hearing. Why choose additional time in that jail cell, when you can get out, and get with your lawyer instead? Talk with a bondsman now at 316-755-5142 to find out how Air Capital Bail bonds can assist you with your bail. We deliver professional, speedy, and discreet services to protect our client’s privacy, as well as our client’s rights. Let us assist you through this overwhelming time, and serve you any time that you need 24 hour bail bonds in Valley Falls, KS!