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Have you been arrested, or are you concerned about someone you know that has been arrested, in Osborne County? These situations can be very unpleasant, but staying composed and acting fast will be helpful later on. While it can be discouraging if you are unable to afford the bail amount, you are not alone in this. Call 316-755-5142 and speak to any of the bail agents at Air Capital Bail Bonds. In a range of situations, from domestic violence to weapons charges, your reliable bail bondsman in Osborne County can help you post bail.

The Bail Process In Osborne County

It’s common for defendants in Osborne County to be taken to Osborne County Jail directly after arrest. After entering the jail, the defendant will finish processing, and then attend a bail hearing. The judge will decide if the defendant is eligible to post bail before their trial, and if they are, how much bail they will have to pay for release. The bail amount will hinge on several factors, including any existing criminal history, the severity of the alleged crimes, and more. It’s difficult to provide a range for bail prices, because the factors involved could cause it to be as low as $200 or even higher than $50,000.

Cities We Serve In Osborne County

Getting arrested in Osborne County is never a good time, but if you or a loved one has been arrested and cannot afford bail, you’re not alone. You can use the option to pay only a fraction of the bail price with the assistance of Air Capital Bail Bonds, your local bail bondsman in Osborne County. In most cases, our clients pay less than 15% of the full bail amount to be released from jail. To discover more, or to get started, give us a ring now at 316-755-5142, any time, 24/7!

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