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Have you or someone you know been arrested in Russell County? Though this situation is not exactly relaxing, it is essential that you work quickly, and remain calm. If the bail amount is too expensive for you to pay easily, do not worry, as this is fairly common. Dial 316-755-5142 and speak to any of the bail agents at Air Capital Bail Bonds. When you require a bail bondsman in Russell County, we can help you post bail for a wide range of charges, from drug offenses, to DUI charges, and anything in between.

The Bail Bonds Process In Russell County

Shortly after arrest in Russell County, you can plan to locate the defendant in Russell County Jail. After standard protocol and processing, the defendant will be required to participate in a bail hearing with a judge. This hearing is meant to determine if the defendant is eligible to post bail, and if so, how much that bail will cost. The bail amount will hinge on several factors, including any existing criminal history, the severity of the alleged crimes, and others. It’s hard to give a range for bail prices, because the factors involved could cause it to be as low as $200 or even higher than $50,000.

Cities We Serve In Russell County

If you aren’t capable of affording your, or a loved one’s, bail price after being arrested in Russell County, don’t panic! You can use the opportunity to pay only a fraction of the bail amount with the help of Air Capital Bail Bonds, your preferred bail bondsman in Russell County. As a general rule, our clients are released from jail after only paying 10% to 15% of the posted bail price. To discover more, or to get started, give us a call today at 316-755-5142, any time, 24/7!

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