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Are you or a family member or friend in need of bail bonds? Do you understand what a bail bond is or how it works?

We can help you! Air Capital Bail Bonds answers all your questions about how bail bonds work in Wichita, KS. In addition, we will guide you through the process and get you out of jail quickly!

Wichita bail bonds are what we do at Air Capital Bail Bonds. Also, our trusted team is available when you need us. Whether it's a small bail bond or something large, call us first.

Our Bail Bonds Process

1: Call us at 316.755.5142.

2: We'll answer all of your questions.

3: You pay the required percentage of the bail.

4: We post bail to discharge you or your loved one.


Types of Bail Bonds

  • Surety Bail Bonds
  • Personal Bail Bond
  • Domestic Violence Bail Bond
  • Failure to Appear Bail Bond
  • Misdemeanor Bail Bond
  • Drug Offense Bail Bonds
  • DUI Bail Bonds
  • Weapons Violation Bail Bonds
  • Felony Bail Bonds

Why Choose Us

Air Capital Bail Bonds is fast, reliable, and service-focused. Having a loved one arrested can be so stressful. Above all, we aim to lessen that worry by making the bail procedure as simple as possible for our clients. Additionally, we will do everything possible to expedite the release of your loved one, coworker, or friend from jail on bail. Bail bonds can be obtained for any crime and we will assist you in the procedure. 

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How We Help You

There are many factors that go into determining how much your bail bonds will cost, including the nature of the crime and any prior convictions you may have. Because of this, bail bond costs can vary greatly. As an illustration, the entire sum must be paid in advance for Cash Bail. In contrast, no money is required for a Personal Bond.
Additionally, a licensed bail bond agent is available to help you ease the burden of a bail bond. Let us assist you by posting bail for a portion of the total bond sum ordered by the judge.
Typically, you pay 10% of the bail upfront in exchange for our guarantee that you will appear in court on time. In any event, you fail to show up for your court date, a warrant for your arrest will be issued and you will be responsible for the whole bail amount.
For more information about how we can help, call us at 316.755.5142.
Iphone Call Steve when you need to leave! Air Capital Bail Bonds

We Can Help!

We are proud to serve the Sedgwick County area and beyond with our services. Above all, getting you or your loved one out of jail as quickly as possible is our first priority. Please don't hesitate to ask our team if you're unsure if you'll need a co-signer.

If you need to leave, Call Steve!

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