Surety Bonds

Surety Bond

Your Bail Agent Acts As Your Surety In The Bail Bonds Process.

Generally speaking, the terms bail bond and surety bond are used interchangeably in conversation. However, they are not entirely the same and knowing the differences can be extremely helpful, particularly if you are new to bail bonds. If you are interested in learning more about surety bonds in Wichita, KS, the team at Air Capital Bail Bonds is here to help. Call our office today at 316-755-5142 to speak with a bail agent, or find additional information below!

Surety Bonds: What Are They?

To clarify, a bail bond is a specific type of surety bond, meaning that all bail bonds are surety bonds, but not all surety bonds have anything to do with bail. A surety bond is made up of two parties, and one party is responsible for the other’s debt, if the latter defaults on a payment. In a bail bond, your bail agent serves as your surety. The court is also involved in this bond, as a third party, referred to as the obligee. This is the party the money is going to.

Surety Bonds

While All Bail Bonds Are A Type Of Surety Bond, Not All Surety Bonds Involve Bail.

This system is designed to help you get out of jail faster, without having to pay the entire bail amount. Acting as your surety, your bail agent will be responsible for the entire bail amount if you don’t show up to court unless you are apprehended and brought before the court. For this reason, your bail agent will need to be able to contact you, and in some cases, require collateral. Additionally, if you do not show up for court, your bail agent will work to track you down through the process known as bail enforcement, or bounty hunting. Keep in mind that if the courts or your bail agent have to track you down, you will go immediately to jail, and forfeit any opportunity to post bail. If you show up to court as scheduled, however, things will go much more smoothly for everyone involved.

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