Can I Post Bail On The Weekend?

Can I Post Bail On the Weekend In Wichita, KS? 

There is never a convenient time to learn that a friend or loved one has been arrested. Especially if you’re having to help them post bail. If it’s your first time posting bail or if you’re new to the bail process you may find yourself asking a lot of questions. In today’s post we’re going to address a common question that is – Can I Post Bail on the Weekend in Wichita? We hope that by answering this question you’ll feel informed and that it will help you make it through this difficult situation. Let’s begin by taking a quick look at the answer. 

Can I Post Bail On the Weekend In Wichita? 

To get to the point – the short answer is – yes, you can post bail on the weekend in Wichita. While many institutions and government facilities are closed over the weekend we all know too well the police never take a day off. It doesn’t help that weekends and holidays are especially busy when it comes to arrests. Because many people are out having fun with friends and family it’s easy to see why the number of arrests are up over the weekend. If a friend or family member has been arrested during the weekend you should be able to post their bail and get them home where they belong. 

There are only a few very rare instances where someone would not be able to be released over the weekend. For example if the crime is especially violent or a repeat offense and the defendant has to be seen by a judge to review the offense and set bail they may have to remain in jail. If this is the case they may have to remain in jail until a judge is able to see them during the week. 

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