Can You Go To Jail for A Misdemeanor?

Arrests and misdemeanors

Arrest and jail time aren’t something anyone plans on doing, and when it happens, it is scary as well as unexpected. When it happens to you, it doesn’t matter if the arrest is for accused of bank robbery or murder, or if the arrest is a Class A Misdemeanor.

A misdemeanor isn’t the worst thing one can be arrested for, and many questions run through your mind if you are the accused, a family member, or a friend of the accused. When you find yourself, or someone you care about in this situation, the first thing you need to get is a Class A Misdemeanor bail that will get you out of jail until a court date, then hire a Class A Misdemeanor lawyer who will walk you through the process and steps going forward.

What crimes are misdemeanors?

In the State of Kansas, a Class a Misdemeanor first offense can be for any of the following:

  • Possession of Marijuana
  • Possession of Paraphernalia
  • Possession of Mushrooms
  • Theft up to a certain dollar value

A Class A Misdemeanor can also be for a second arrest and charge for the following:

  • Second DUI
  • Second Domestic Battery

Should I get a lawyer for a misdemeanor charge?

Yes, even a small misdemeanor conviction can have serious consequences for your life, now and in the future. Any arrest and conviction will involve many aspects such as hearings and pleas, court orders and motions, and a jury trial. This is especially true with a Class A Misdemeanor and immigration cases. There are many ways for a case to be handled, whether it involves immigration or not, and only a lawyer who specializes in Class A Misdemeanor cases will have the informed advice you need.

How bad is a misdemeanor?

In general, a misdemeanor charge is considered less serious than a felony charge. However, they are still a serious offense which can involve jail time. A Class A Misdemeanor charge will be a permanent part of your life, and it can affect future employment with many employers having a policy that permits them from hiring anyone convicted of some crimes, including Class A Misdemeanors.

Can a Class A misdemeanor be dropped?

A Class A Misdemeanor isn’t removed automatically from your record.  There are times when a judge may seal the records.  You can also apply for an expungement if you meet the terms outlined in your sentence, including probation. Your crime, your criminal history, and whether or not you are granted expungement will also depend upon the nature of your crime, any criminal background, and the completion of your sentence.

Typically, the punishment for a Class A Misdemeanor is a jail sentence of 1 year plus a fine. A Class A misdemeanor is the most serious of all misdemeanor charges. A lower-level misdemeanor will usually be a sentence of a few months or maybe a few days.

Will a misdemeanor ruin my life?

A Class A misdemeanor conviction in the state of Kansas is punished by sentenced to 1 year in county confinement or fined $2,500.00 and up, or both. The judge can sentence a person with a Class A misdemeanor conviction a probation period of two years maximum.

“Criminal” is a word that carries significant weight, and most people will avoid being associated with anyone that has that word connected to them in any way. That word isn’t always associated with more serious crimes like arson, murder, or robbery either.  A misdemeanor arrest is considered a crime and the can be life-long and serious consequences facing anyone convicted of a Class A Misdemeanor. Some hurdles that you could face with this type of criminal record include:

  • Employment background checks. Most employers today subject applicants to drug testing and background checks before hiring them. You can still find employment, but you could be asked to explain the charge and how it came to be.
  • A criminal record is made accessible to the public so that anyone can do a search and find out who has been charged with what crime. There are some people that won’t be concerned with this, but others would prefer that any misconduct in their private life be kept private.
  • An immigrant charged with a misdemeanor will have a more serious impact to face, which could jeopardize being allowed to remain in America. A Class A Misdemeanor charge could result in deportation.
  • A misdemeanor can affect college acceptance and the ability to rent an apartment or home.

Any arrest and conviction, no matter if it is a felony or a misdemeanor, it can be scary, the legal process can be confusing. It is always advised to hire legal representation regardless of the level of the crime. This will give you more leverage in getting the best outcome possible. When you find yourself handling a misdemeanor, call Air Capital Bail Bonds at 316-755-5142 for your bail needs in Wichita, KS.

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