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When You’re Arrested for a Misdemeanor

Handcuffs On Table

Avoiding a MisdemeanorWill Save You a Lot Of Trouble.

Getting a misdemeanor can feel like one of the worst times in your life, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be. Of course, this will all depend what the charge as and what area you are in, but in most cases, misdemeanors will not cause major damage to your future. Depending on what you want to do for a job as you get to that point in your life, a misdemeanor may show up on a background check, depending on how far they check into you. If you are worried about it, the best thing you can do is be honest with your potential employers. Depending on what the charge was, you may be able to explain it away. Sometimes it is not that easy though and finding a job that understands, can be difficult. Misdemeanor charges can be anything from petty theft to reckless driving. You will likely have been arrested and potentially could have had to get a bond. A bond for a misdemeanor can be expensive, but nothing like having to do a felony bond; those can be extremely expensive and sometimes not able to even do. There are some crimes that, even if it is your first time getting arrested, that you will still go to jail. You may have also been charged with higher crimes and bumped down to a misdemeanor. This will happen sometimes when there are a lot of charges stacked up against you. Your lawyer will sometimes fight to get those lowered. One thing that you will have to worry about forever, is that once you get a misdemeanor, it will stay on your record for the rest for your life.

Common Questions

Is a misdemeanor bad?

It is never good to be in trouble with the law, but in many cases, misdemeanors won’t ruin your life. They may make it more difficult to get a job down the road, but most basic background checks won’t even show these on them. The National Institute of Justice also says that about ⅓ of American people will be arrested before they turn 23 years old. That does not make it any better, but many employers will be able to understand if you explain to them what happened instead of them finding out through other resources.

Can a misdemeanor be dismissed?

A misdemeanor can be dismissed, but that doesn’t mean that an arrest will not show up on a background check. If your case has been dismissed, it does mean that you don’t have to disclose it to your employer though. It will also stay on your criminal record even if the case didn’t go any further.

How much is a bond for a misdemeanor?

This will all depend on what the charge was. A class A1 offense would mean that the jail time on the table is between 1 and 60 days. These types of bonds will vary around $500-$2000. The next level would be a class 1 and the jail time for this is between 1-45 days. Your bail may be around $100-$500 for this depending on the severity and the mood of the judge. The worse the crim, the larger your bail bond will end up being, but it is always best to talk to a bail bondsman to find out all of these answers.

Do you get your bail money back if charges dropped?

If your charges have been dropped and you have paid your money straight to the court system, you will be issued a full refund. This will be given back to you only if all of the charges have been dropped. This same situation goes to a bondman as well. When someone is acquitted and if all of the charges were dropped, then they will be able to get a refund.

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Don’t Sit In Jail, Call a Bondsman.

What is a misdemeanor charge?

A misdemeanor charge is when you have been arrested for something minor. That means if you do something like shoot off a gun within city limits or you trespass and get arrested for it. These may not seem like large charges, but they can hold some weight and jail time. With a misdemeanor charge, you may see some jail time and will get a large fine as well.

  • Common Misdemeanor Charges
  • misdemeanor battery charge
  • misdemeanor drug charge
  • misdemeanor theft
  • misdemeanor assault charge
  • Petty Theft
  • Unpaid speeding ticket
  • Vandalism
  • Possession of marijuana

People get arrested and misdemeanors all of the time, don’t be one of them. Be careful with what you are doing and always try to make the best choices when you are out doing something. If you do find yourself in this type of situation and need some help, call 316-755-5142. We are here to help you when you need Misdemeanor Bonds in Wichita, KS, call Air Capital Bail Bonds so we can help you.

You’ve Been Served. Now What?

Being served with an arrest warrant can be unnerving and stressful, especially if it’s never happened before. The most important thing to remember when you find out you have a warrant is to stay calm. Call the reporting facility and get the details of your case including specific charge, bail or bond amount, if available, and type of arrest warrant issued. Then call a trusted bail bondsman or attorney to help you get through the process successfully.

We Can Provide the Information You Need for Successful Bonding.

When You Have a Warrant, We Can Help!

Can A Bond Service Help You?

In most cases, a bail bondsman is beneficial. They can help speed the bail process and even set up a walkthrough service that can negate time served altogether. However, the amount of help that your bondsman can offer depends greatly on the type of arrest warrant you’ve received. Alvarado Bail Bonds in California has laid out the 3 most common types of general warrants and how they may be handled. Most warrants are handed out either because of a missed court date or because of a probation violation. However, many warrants are served because you are a suspect in an active investigation. Arrest warrants can be broken down even further to help decide on the success and process of your bond.

  • Felony: In many cases, a felony bond will be set after seeing the judge. This means that you must stay in jail until you have had a bond hearing.
  • Misdemeanor: Many times, nonviolent misdemeanor charges have preset bond amounts that can be paid even before you are arrested. This ensures a speedy release.
  • Bench: These warrants are issued when you fail to show up to an initial court date. Bench warrants can typically be bonded without a bond hearing.
  • Capias: Capias warrants are issued when you have failed to adhere to a previously agreed-upon plan of action. These warrants are never bondable.
  • Violent: Whether the charge is a misdemeanor or a felony, most violent crime bonds must be set by a bond hearing.
  • Non-Violent: Many times, non-violent crimes have preset bond amounts, whether they are felony or misdemeanor.

A Bondsman You Can Trust

When you need a bondsman for an arrest warrant in Wichita, KS that you can rely on, call the Air Capital Bail Bonds team first. We will walk you through every step of your bond process so you never feel lost or out of the loop. Call us today at 316-755-5142.

How to Turn Yourself in for a Warrant

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To Avoid Arrest at an Inconvenient Time, Turn Yourself in for an Arrest Warrant.

Knowledge of an arrest warrant with your name on it can serve as a major source of stress. Arrest warrants are issued for a large number of crimes, however, from hugely serious offenses like murder, to minor violations like unpaid traffic tickets. If you know about your arrest warrant, then you already have a leg up on the game. To dictate the terms of your arrest and release, you should turn yourself in for a known warrant. A few strategies can help ensure that this works out in the best possible way.

Tips to Turn Yourself in for an Arrest Warrant

As with everything, there’s a correct way to turn yourself in for a warrant, and an incorrect way. To turn yourself in correctly, you need to set certain plans into place.

  • Hire an Attorney: Whether your crime is minor or serious, hiring an attorney pays huge dividends. If you must contend with bail, your attorney can fight to lower the amount, or have it dismissed entirely. Your attorney can also advise you on what to say or not say while in custody.
  • Pick the Right Time: The worst possible times to turn yourself in are Fridays and Mondays. On Fridays, the courts and jails can get overwhelmed with new arrests, while Mondays leave the court awash in arrests from the weekend. To get in and out as quickly as possible, turn yourself in for an arrest warrant on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday.
  • Bring What You Need: If you have eyeglasses, make sure to wear them. Also bring any medication you need, and your ID. If you plan to post bail yourself, bring your debit and credit cards. Finally, write down any important phone numbers, such as those for your attorney or a bondsman, and carry the paper with you.

At Air Capital Bail Bonds, we’re your local solution for all varieties of bond servicesIf you plan to turn yourself in and want to make bail, make sure to contact us beforehand. With a little forewarning, we can help expedite your jail release. For certain crimes, turning yourself in can avert any jail time whatsoever, thanks to a walkthrough service. To learn more about any of our bond services, or to ask any questions about bail bonds and your arrest warrant in Wichita, KS. call 316-755-5142 today.

Can You Get Out on Bail If You Have a Felony Charge?

If you have been arrested for a felony, that means that you have broken a national law versus a local law. National laws hold more punishment as it is a universal rule. With a lesser crime called a misdemeanor, many people are able to get away with a fine or community service. Those handed a felony charge often see hefty fines, jail time, and large bail amounts as they are considered more dangerous to society. If you or a loved one has been arrested for a felony and need felony bail bonds help in Wichita, KS, call Air Capital Bail Bonds at 316-755-5142 today.

If You Have Posted Felony Bail Bonds and Are Eligible For Probation, Call Us For Any Questions

Can You Get Probation For A Felony?

Some people arrested for a felony charge are eligible for felony probation. Circumstances vary, but oftentimes a judge and court will look at your background, the crime you were arrested for, and the time you have spent in jail awaiting trial. Parolees have strict curfews and regulations they must follow in order to avoid jail time. If they fail to follow these rules or check in with their probation officer, their limited freedom is revoked and they are placed in jail.Depending on the severity of your crime, it is possible to get probation with a felony offense. Most extreme cases like murder will not allow anyone to have parole. Some nonviolent offenses like swatting or burglary can end up in probation if the defendant has a skilled lawyer and a sympathetic court.

What Distinguishes a Misdemeanor From a Felony?

Law language can be confusing. For example, theft is considered a misdemeanor, but grand theft is considered a felony. So what is the difference and what raises the severity of the crime to a felony level? Misdemeanor crimes have a maximum jail sentence of 1 year, while felony offenses have a minimum jail sentence of 1 year. Misdemeanors are crimes like DUI, assault, and indecent exposure, Some examples of a felony are:
Murder: Viewed as the most serious crime a person can commit, bail is always highest for this felony offense.
Rape: Rape, molestation, and pedophilia are often seen as the second most deplorable crimes.
Grand Theft: Burglary is a non-violent act of theft, while robbery involves violence or guns. Robbery increases charges and jail time, and burglary gets you off with a lesser offense.
Kidnapping: Whether it be by a family member or stranger, kidnapping is a felony in America.

Call Us Today If You Need Felony Bail Bonds Help

If you have any questions on felonies, probation, or felony bail bonds in Wichita, KS, don’t hesitate to call Air Capital Bail Bonds at 316-755-5142. We are here to help.

Kansas Drug Laws: Penalties and Charges

If you, a friend, or a family member have been arrested for possession of drugs, it’s important to know what the laws are. Each state has their own set of laws, so Kansas has a specific set of rules and guidelines that determine the penalties and charges of possessing illegal substances. If you are interested in knowing more about Kansas drug laws, keep reading below.

Classifications of Drugs

Kansas Drug Laws: Penalties and Charges

Find Out What the Kansas Drug Laws Are and What Their Penalties Are.

Drug classifications in Kansas are set up into schedules, which are schedule V, schedule IV, schedule III, schedule II, and schedule I. Different drugs will be put into different schedules depending on the severity of the drug. For example, heroin is a schedule I drug, while schedule V could deal with prescription drugs.

Class A non person Misdemeanor

This is the classification of the crime when the person is in possession of marijuana, other drugs that are considered stimulants, depressants, hallucinogens like LSD, acid, psilocybin, and steroids. If it’s the first offense, it’s up to one year in prison with a fine of $2,500. If it’s the second offense, prison time is up to three and a half years, plus a $100,000 fine.

Drug Severity Level 4 Felony

This classification is when the person charged is in possession of opiates, narcotics, or stimulants like MDMA, crack-cocaine, or meth. The penalty for this type of offense is up to three and a half years in prison with a fine of $100,000.

Knowing the Kansas drug laws are important if you or someone you love is charged with a drug offense. If you are in need of drug offense bail bonds in Wichita, KS, please call Air Capital Bail Bonds at 316-755-5142!

What Is Bail?

You may have heard the word bail many times on the news or listening to the radio about a high profile trial, but do you actually know what it is or how it works? The word “bail” is pretty much how it sounds. When someone is put into jail and is being held, there are often times an amount of money that is set for them to pay if they would like to get out of jail before their trial date. If they are able to pay that amount of money somehow, they will be bailed out of jail. The amount the bail is set to is contingent on the seriousness of the crime and is up to the discretion of the judge. If the defendant cannot afford to pay their own bail, they will often times rely on the assistance from a bail bondsman.

What Is a Bail Bondsman Job?

A bail bondsman’s job is to make sure that you are able to get out of jail. The bondsman will put up the money for the bond in the form of a collateral from you and you will have to pay a percentage of whatever the bond; this is usually 10%. When the trial date comes, if you do not show up in court, you will then forfeit what you put up in collateral, the 10% you already paid, and you will owe the court the remaining balance of the bail. If you do show up for court, you will just have lost the 10% that you paid already and your bond will be dissolved.

The simple thing to do is to show up for your court date and if you ever need a bail bond, call Air Capital Bail Bonds at 316-755-5142 and we will get you taken care of.

What to do For an Out-of-State Arrest

Nobody wants to find themselves in an arrest situation, but an out of state arrest brings a whole new level of difficulty to the game. Luckily, all is not lost. With the proper guidance and advice, your jail stay, even out of state, can be short, even if it’s not sweet.

Call Our Experts to Arrange a Transfer Bond

Out of State Arrests Don’t Have to be the End of the World. We Can Help!

First Thing’s First

When you are arrested out of state, the first thing you want to do is call a family member or friend that can help you with the details of the process. This person will make the phone calls and complete the paperwork as required.

Bondman to Bondsman

A state to state, or transfer bond, is slightly more difficult to maneuver than your typical bail. You will, in essence, use two bail bondsmen, one of which is in your residing state, and the other in the arresting state. These two individuals will complete the process for you, but will also charge a state-set fee for state-to-state transfer bond execution.

What Next?

It’s important to contact an attorney for your legal appearances to keep from missing important court dates or other obligations. Typically, the courts allow an attorney to appear on your behalf in all situations when speaking of a state to state case. It’s also crucial to visit your in-state bondsman as soon as you return to complete any paperwork or financial obligations needed.

Remember, the states of Illinois, Oregon, Kentucky, and Wisconsin have a no-bond statute.

While no one enjoys being arrested, an out of state arrest can be even scarier and more confusing. Whether you were arrested in Kansas or you live in Kansas and were arrested elsewhere, Air Capital Bail Bonds can assist you in getting your life back to normal fast. Call us at 316-755-5142 when you need bonding advice in the Wichita, KS area.

Handling an Outstanding Warrant

Discovering you have an outstanding warrant can be alarming.  Remaining calm, carefully planning out your next steps, and obtaining proper counsel can prevent a simple mistake from becoming something worse.  The following process can help you take control of a bad situation.

A Pair of Handcuffs Next to a Gavel

Outstanding Warrants Can Be Scary. Be Sure to Prepare Your Bail Ahead of Time

Step 1: Confirm the warrant.

First of all, you need to learn all the essential details of your outstanding warrant.  What is the nature of the offense? What is the name of the court that issued the warrant? Make sure to find out the date of the offense, as well as when the warrant was filed. There are many free websites available to help you find your outstanding warrant and learn more. All these details are valuable information for your legal counsel.

Step 2: Speak to a Criminal Defense Attorney

Your legal counsel will contact the issuing court on your behalf and recommend the appropriate course of action.  If your attorney confirms the warrant is active and valid, they may be able to organize an arraignment with the issuing court without prior jail time. If that isn’t the case, your counsel can arrange the most appropriate time and place to turn yourself into with the authorities.

Step 3: (If Needed) Contact a Bail Bondsman

Should your counsel recommend that you speak with a bail bondsman prior to your court appearance or arrest, contact us at 316-755-5142.  Arranging bail before your arrest or immediately after your court appearance can significantly reduce your amount of possible jail time.

Following these steps can help you prevent an unfortunate situation from escalating beyond your control.  Dealing with an outstanding warrant can be scary, but Air Capital Bail Bonds is ready to help you with your bail bonds services in Wichita, KS.

Facts About DUI’s You May Not Know

Drinking and driving has become a very common happening in the United States. Unfortunately, according to research done by, every 51 minutes, someone in the US is killed in a drunk driving accident. That number estimates to around 27 people killed per day from drinking and driving. There are many ways to avoid drinking and driving besides the obvious, don’t get behind the wheel. You can have a friend pick you up or even call a car service like Uber or Lyft for only a small amount of money. There is no excuse to say you cannot afford it, because the average DUI will end up costing you thousands. Here are a few facts about drinking and driving that may deter you from doing so.

You May Not Know


A drunk driver usually has driven drunk over 80 times before they are caught and arrested for a DUI. That means that 80 times, they were on the road risking their life and those around them before they were ever even pulled over.

Every 120 seconds, someone is injured in a drunk driving related accident. We mentioned above that every 51 minutes someone is killed, but being injured could mean paralyzed, brain damaged, amputated and other horrific possibilities.

50-75 percent of people that have lost their licence to an alcohol related incident, still drive even with a suspended licence. That means that those people are out there on the road right now, driving next to you on the freeway.

All of these facts are meant to scare you, because they should. A DUI can ruin your life or take it away completely. If you do find yourself in this situation, call Air Capital Bail Bonds at 316-755-5142 and let us help you in any way we can.

What Happens After a DUI Arrest?



The Price of a Cab Is a Lot Cheaper Than the Price of a DUI.

If you have found yourself getting arrested for drinking and driving or have a loved one that has just been arrested for a DUI, there are a few things you should know and understand about the process that is about to unfold. This is not something that states take lightly, and here in Kansas, we are cracking down harder than ever on DUI arrests.

Arrested – Once you have been pulled over and accused of driving under the influence, you will then be arrested and booked for the crime. You will be taken to the nearest police station,have a mugshot and fingerprints taken and then wait. For your first DUI offense, you will spend a minimum of 48 hours in jail.

Court– You will have to appear in court so that the judge can give you their sentence. For a first time offense, you will have your license suspended for 30 days, pay a series of large fines, and will have to have an IID put into your vehicle to make sure that when you are driving, that you are not intoxicated. All of these things cost money and your time.  

Record – The worst of all, is that this DUI will go on your record and you will have to tell future employers about this. This can affect you getting a job or even child custody in some extreme cases.

A DUI is a very serious offense and although it happens every single day, it can change your entire life. It can also be very expensive. This is where we come in. Whether this is your first or 4th offense, give us a call at 316-755-5142 and we will do everything we can to work with you and try to get you out of jail. Bail can be very expensive, but we are here to help in whatever way we can and keep you from sitting in a jail cell for any longer than you have to.