How Does a Surety Bond Work? 

Making and Posting Bail 

No one wants to be accused or arrested of a crime. No one wants to have to ask for help, but sometimes that is something we must do. When a friend, relative, or loved one has been detained for criminal activity, it may feel like there is nothing you can do to help. The reality is, you can do something to help, but it will require a big risk on your part. When you need help with a surety bail bond in Wichita, KS, only rely on Air Capital Bail Bonds. Call us at 316-755-5142 to get started.  

How a Surety Bond Works 

Is there a difference between a bond and a surety bond? It depends on what you are referring to. Surety bonds are a type of bail bond in which an individual pays a small percentage of the overall bail to a surety bond bail bondsman. The bail bondsman then pays the rest of the bail to the court for the release of a friend or loved one. In many states, the process of purchasing a surety bond is actually considered fully-earned since you are only paying a portion of the total bail. That being said, you could possibly still see a full or partial refund depending on the circumstances. 

When is surety bond used? When you or a loved one cannot afford to pay the full bail amount. With a bond, you are not paying the full bail amount, but instead a percentage of the total. That surety bail bond amount will vary depending on the overall total, but for most companies, the percentage is around 10%. So if someone is in jail for theft charges a bail of $10,000, if you took out bail bonds in Wichita, KS, you would only pay about $1,000. There aren’t very many advantages when it comes to a surety bond. There aren’t many advantages when anyone has been accused, arrested and detained for criminal activity. With a surety bail bond, there is often a less initial financial risk. That being said, it can still be much more advantageous to go through a surety bail bondsman to help get your loved one out of jail and back home. 

Surety Bond vs Cash Bond 

It sounds defeatist, but there really aren’t a lot of advantages to a surety bond in comparison to other options. Really, the biggest advantage is the fact that there is a lower financial risk. With a cash bond, you or a friend is responsible for 100% of the bail money. That means you could be out quite a bit of money if the person you helped doesn’t show up for court. However, with a surety bond, that risk is spread out between three parties. While you will still be responsible for a percentage, the bondsman is responsible for 100% of the bail money. But, to offset some of that risk, the bondsman will often require another form of collateral, usually personal property. So while there is less of a financial risk, there is still quite a bit of risk involved.  

Even with a cash bond, which is completely different. With a cash bond, you are not using a bond service to release someone from custody. Instead, you are paying the entire bail amount upfront. In either case, the number one risk is the defendant not showing up for court. For either a surety bond or a cash bond, you will have the chance to completely think through this decision before confirming it. Once you do, you are then responsible for all or part of the bail amount.   

Ultimately, either a surety or a cash bond is a risk that you may have to take. If you can afford the full amount, then a cash bond may be the exact way to go. If you can’t, then deciding on a surety bond may be the way to go. Before you do either, though, you need to be sure this is a risk you are in fact willing to take. Every surety bond comes with conditions that you can go over and discuss with a bondsman at Air Capital Bail Bonds. We are here to help you. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • What is a surety bail bond? 
  • A surety bond is often a small percentage of the overall bail that has been set by the courts. If you can’t come up with all of the bail money, you can pay a bondsman the percentage and they will then pay the rest to release your loved one. 
  • What is the difference between a bond and a surety? 
  • Bonds often referred to as cash bonds, are the entire bail amount that has been paid. A surety bond is a small percentage that is paid to a bondsman. With a cash bond, there are usually only two people involved, while with a surety bond, there are three. 
  • Is a surety bond refundable? 
  • Generally speaking, once you purchase a bond, it is considered fully earned since you didn’t have to pay the full amount. However, there are specific cases when you may be able to see a partial or full refund for your payment.  
  • What is a surety bond with conditions? 
  • It is just a bond that will help you pay for the release of a friend or loved one that has been arrested and detained for criminal activity. The conditions are often the guidelines that detail your responsibilities, the responsibilities of the bond company, and more.  
  • How long is a surety bond good for? 
  • Most commercial bonds are good for about 1-3 years, but the length of time can vary depending on the bond type. These will be listed in the conditions of your bond as well as discussed before finalizing a decision.  


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