How Much Does Bail Usually Cost? 

How much does bail cost in your state? In Kansas, the bail premium is set by law at approximately ten percent of the total amount of bail. For example, if your bail has been set at ten thousand dollars, then a bail bond company will only charge the defendant or co-signer one thousand dollars. This makes it easier and more affordable to work with bail bond companies when you or a loved one is in trouble. 

How are Bail Amounts Determined? 

If you or a loved one has been arrested for a crime, you may well wonder how bail amounts are determined. In order to understand more about this process, please review the following list. 

  • Under the surety bond arrangement, the defendant or co-signor only needs to put up ten percent of the bail to the bail bond agent. 
  • The agent guarantees the entire bail amount to the court. 
  • State law requires bail bond companies to keep the ten percent premium as the cost for the overall procedure. 

Can You Bail Out on a Felony Charge? 

When you need felony bail bonds, it’s critical for you to receive them in a timely manner. It’s vital to understand that felonies are much more serious crimes than misdemeanors. Accordingly, the courts can deny bail completely. The court also has the power to release defendants for no bail at all. Each court will have its own bond schedule. 

Why Do You Only Have to Pay 10% of Bail? 

Most people will agree that it is a boon to only have to pay ten percent of bail when you are dealing with a bail bond company. In order to post a bail bond, you will need to pay your bail bondsman ten percent of the total bail amount. In other words, if your bail is five thousand dollars, you will need to pay ten percent, or five hundred dollars. Once your court case is concluded, you will not receive your payment to the bail bond company back because it now belongs to them. This is an accepted part of the judicial process. 

How Do You Bail Someone Out With No Money? 

Generally speaking, the bail bond process in Kansas will begin after a defendant is booked for a charge. The defendant will be allowed a phone call. He or she can call a bail bond agent directly or call a friend or a family member. If the defendant calls a friend or a family member, they can call a bail bond company and make payments to them directly. If the defendants do not have the capital to get themselves out of jail, there should always be a way for them to get out of jail by using the help of a friend or a family member. 

How Much is Bail for Felony Theft 

Are you wondering how much bail is for felony theft in Kansas? It’s essential to understand that if the value of the item stolen is over one thousand dollars then the charge is a felony and the defendant will be subject to the Kansas sentencing guidelines. If the value is under one thousand dollars then the charge will be a class A misdemeanor with a maximum penalty of one year in the county jail. 

What is the Average Bail for a Felony 

As previously mentioned, misdemeanors are far less severe than felonies. Accordingly, for a misdemeanor, the bail can be set at around five hundred dollars. However, how much the bail amount is will largely be left up to the judge. The judge will have jurisdiction to raise or lower the amount based on the circumstances of the case. This means that there are two independent variables to be aware of. One of these variables is the judge, and the other variable is your case scenario. Are there lots of severe penalties involved? If so, your bail may be exponentially higher. 

How Much is Bail for Felony Vandalism 

Are you interested in finding out how much bail is for felony vandalism in Kansas? Well, according to the Kansas Code, one can be charged with criminal damage to property if they have intentionally damaged, defaced, destroyed, or impaired someone else’s property. If the damage is less than one thousand dollars, then it will be termed a Class B Nonperson misdemeanor. If the damage is between one thousand and twenty-five thousand dollars in damage, then it is termed a Severity Level 9, Nonperson Felony. If the damage is over twenty-five thousand dollars, it is a Severity Level 7, Nonperson Felony. 

For those of you who are wondering how much is bail for a felony in Wichita, KS, we are here to help. You can always reach out to us at 316-755-5142 to receive comprehensive bail assistance. 

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