How to Turn Yourself in for a Warrant 

To Avoid Arrest at an Inconvenient Time, Turn Yourself in for an Arrest Warrant. 

Knowledge of an arrest warrant with your name on it can be a major stress source. Arrest warrants are issued for a large number of crimes, however, from hugely serious offenses like murder to minor violations like unpaid traffic tickets. If you know about your arrest warrant, then you already have a leg up on the game. You should turn yourself in for a known warrant to dictate the terms of your arrest and release. A few strategies can help ensure that this works out in the best possible way. 

Tips to Turn Yourself in for an Arrest Warrant 

As with everything, there’s a correct way to turn yourself in for a warrant and an incorrect way. To turn yourself in correctly, you need to set certain plans into place. 

  • Hire an Attorney: Whether your crime is minor or serious, hiring an attorney pays huge dividends. If you must contend with bail, your attorney can fight to lower the amount or have it dismissed entirely. Your attorney can also advise you on what to say or not say while in custody. 
  • Pick the Right Time: The worst possible times to turn yourself in are Fridays and Mondays. On Fridays, the courts and jails can get overwhelmed with new arrests, while Mondays leave the court awash in arrests from the weekend. To get in and out as quickly as possible, turn yourself in for an arrest warrant on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. 
  • Bring What You Need: If you have eyeglasses, make sure to wear them. Also, bring any medication you need and your ID. Bring your debit and credit cards if you plan to post bail yourself. Finally, write down any important phone numbers, such as those for your attorney or a bondsman, and carry the paper with you. 

At Air Capital Bail Bonds, we’re your local solution for all varieties of bond services. If you plan to turn yourself in and want to make bail, make sure to contact us beforehand. With a little forewarning, we can help expedite your jail release. For certain crimes, turning yourself in can avert any jail time whatsoever, thanks to a walkthrough service. To learn more about any of our bond services, or to ask any questions about bail bonds and your arrest warrant in Wichita, KS. call 316-755-5142 today. 

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