Is a Cash Bond Worth It?

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Dealing With and Understanding Bail Bonds

When you or a loved one has been arrested for something, it can feel impossible to know what to do. The best thing you can do for anyone in jail is by helping them get back home quickly and safely. To do that, you may need to help pay their bail. Everyone has heard about bail bonds through commercials, movies, and media, but very few actually know how they work. More than that, very few know that they have many options for paying someone’s bail. To learn more about your options, such as a cash bond in Wichita, KS, connect with Air Capital Bail Bonds today. Dial 316-755-5142 to get started. 

Cash Bonds vs Bail Bonds

What is the difference between a cash bond and bail bond? In theory, it may not seem like there is much of a difference, but there ultimately is. The biggest differences come down to collateral and what possibly have to pay a bondsman for missing court. There is also a difference in how to get a cash bond as opposed to a bail bond.

Cash Bond

What does cash bond mean? How does a cash bond work? A cash bond means that you paid a bail bondsman a percentage of the total bail. However, instead of receiving a bond to take to the courts for your loved one’s release, the bondsman pays the rest of the bail-in cash. When your loved one shows up for all of their appointed court dates and a decision is reached, you will get a return of your money. If you have the entire bail amount, you may not need a bond. You could go directly to the courts and bail someone out. 

Bail Bond

In comparison, bail bonds are a little different. In these situations, you pay a percentage of the bail that is determined by a bondsman. The bondsman pays the rest of the bail and your loved one is able to return home. Where a cash bond is paid in full upfront, with a bail bond, you are only responsible for a small portion upfront. However, there is a greater risk with a bond because if your loved one doesn’t show up for court, you are responsible for the full amount of bail. 

The biggest differences come down to the collateral. With a cash bond, you essentially have a “fully-earned” bond. This means that, if your loved one doesn’t show up for court, you won’t be out any more money. Whereas, with a bail bond, even after you pay a percentage or a fee, you are still responsible to the bondsman for the total bail amount. For example, if you took out a DUI bail bonds for a friend, then you would be responsible to the bondsman if that friend didn’t show up to court.

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Is it Better to Get a Cash Bond or Surety Bond?

The number one question we get asked is whether it’s better to go for a cash bond or a surety bond. That’s a hard question to answer without knowing your financial standing, the situation, and more. No matter what, there are risks when it comes to paying bail for someone. Regardless if you are paying in full with a cash bond or only a portion with a bond, there are serious risks to consider. While a cash bond will almost always be the more expensive route, there is less chance of more money loss if someone doesn’t show up for court. A surety bond will, initially, cost less than a shingle roof repair service, but there are risks after the fact to consider. So which is better? That’s ultimately up to you and what you can afford. When you need help with any kind of bail or bond service, rely on Air Capital Bail Bonds.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does a cash-only bond work?
    • Instead of financing through a bondsman, you would ultimately pay the full amount of bail in cash. Unlike a bond secured through equity, when the court is dismissed or a sentence is reached, your cash bond will be returned. 
  • Do you get a cash bond back? 
    • Yes, if you paid the bail amount in full, in cash, then you will see it returned to you when the defendant successfully shows up for court. If the defendant is found not guilty, you will be able to collect then and there. If the defendant pleads or is found guilty, you’ll be able to collect money at the time of sentencing. 
  • Is a cash bond refundable?
    • Yes, cash bonds are refundable. In most states, these are considered “fully-earned” bonds, which means that when court cases are complete, you will be able to see your full amount returned. 
  • Can a bondsman help with a cash bond?
    • Bondsmen can definitely help with cash bonds. They can provide you with the option for cash bonds or surety bonds, which may come with a fee. Either way, you can go to a bondsman to help pay the full amount for bail.
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