Handling An Outstanding Warrant

Discovering you have an outstanding warrant can be alarming.  Remaining calm, carefully planning out your next steps, and obtaining proper counsel can prevent a simple mistake from becoming something worse.  The following process can help you take control of a bad situation. 


Outstanding Warrants Can Be Scary. Be Sure to Prepare Your Bail Ahead of Time 

Step 1: Confirm the warrant. 

First of all, you need to learn all the essential details of your outstanding warrant.  What is the nature of the offense? What is the name of the court that issued the warrant? Make sure to find out the date of the offense, as well as when the warrant was filed. There are many free websites available to help you find your outstanding warrant and learn more. All these details are valuable information for your legal counsel. 

Step 2: Speak to a Criminal Defense Attorney 

Your legal counsel will contact the issuing court on your behalf and recommend the appropriate course of action.  If your attorney confirms the warrant is active and valid, they may be able to organize an arraignment with the issuing court without prior jail time. If that isn’t the case, your counsel can arrange the most appropriate time and place to turn yourself into with the authorities. 

Step 3: (If Needed) Contact a Bail Bondsman 

Should your counsel recommend that you speak with a bail bondsman prior to your court appearance or arrest, contact us at 316-755-5142.  Arranging bail before your arrest or immediately after your court appearance can significantly reduce your amount of possible jail time. 

Following these steps can help you prevent an unfortunate situation from escalating beyond your control.  Dealing with an outstanding warrant can be scary, but Air Capital Bail Bonds is ready to help you with your bail bonds services in Wichita, KS. 

If you need to leave, Call Steve!

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