Posting Bail in Wichita: What You’ll Need to Know 

If a friend or loved one has been arrested in Sedgwick County, you may find yourself asking a lot of questions. Especially if you’ve never dealt with an arrest before. You may be wondering where to even begin. That’s why in today’s post we’re going to review the basics of posting bail in Wichita: What You’ll Need to Know. If you need to post bail for a friend or loved one, this is the post for you! 

Posting Bail in Wichita: What You’ll Need to Know 

For more information on the Sedgwick County Jail or other county jail information. If a friend or loved one has been arrested, you may wonder, “What’s the best way to get them released quickly?” While many people have the means to post bail on their own, using a bail bond agent can streamline the whole process. If you decide you want to utilize a bail bond agent you should have the following information available:defendants full name, the defendants booking number, the charges the defendant is facing and the jail the defendant is being held. 

It May Take Time 

When you’re waiting for a friend or loved one to be released, we understand waiting can feel unbearable. Unfortunately, when someone is arrested, they have to go through the booking process completely. This process can take anywhere from half an hour up to several hours to complete, depending on how many arrests have taken place that day. At Air Capital Bail Bonds, we’re committed to helping your loved one get released as soon as possible. 

Call Air Capital Bail Bonds 

At Air Capital Bail Bonds we understand dealing with an arrest can be stressful. That’s why our caring and professional team is standing by to help you. When it comes to navigating the bail bond process, look no further than Air Capital Bail Bonds at 316-755-5142! If you need help with any part of the process, we can help! 

If you need to leave, Call Steve!

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