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No wants to get the call that a loved one has been arrested by ICE. No one wants to be in a situation with ICE, unfortunately, though, that is something many of us face every day. ICE and immigration exist to arrest non-citizens that are in the country illegally. That being said, they can make mistakes. If you believe that a loved one has been wrongfully taken into custody, you can help with bail. You can actually rely on Air Capital Bail Bonds to help with immigration bail bonds in Wichita, KS. Call us at 316-755-5142 to get started.

Helping with Immigration Bail Bonds

How Immigration Bail Bonds Works

When a loved one or friend is arrested for criminal activity, you can go to a bail bonds company and take out a surety bond. That will pay for their release so they can return to work to continue paying for meals, bills, and more. Unfortunately, there are a few differences between bail for a citizen and bail bonds for immigration arrests. If a loved one is being detained by ICE, they will need a specific immigration bond to qualify for release. Unless there are criminal circumstances which could affect their chances at a bond hearing and release.

For anyone being held by ICE, there is also a mandatory detention time. This is a request by ICE to local authorities to hold a potential non-citizen for 48-hours while their arrest and bid for bail are processed. A request like this is often made when the person arrested is considered a flight risk or a threat to public safety. Not everyone arrested will be held by mandatory detention and not everyone will qualify for bonds.

What’s important is knowing that you have a place to go to for reliable bail bond services. For that, rely on Air Capital Bail Bonds. We work with all kinds of bail and bonds need, including immigration. We understand the tedious situation your family may be in if a loved one is arrested by ICE. That’s why we do everything we can to help. Get started with a quote for bail today by giving us a call at 316-755-5142.

Types of Immigration Bail

There are two types of immigration bail that a loved one will need to qualify for. These are not the only options, but they are the two main bonds that we see regularly. It’s important to note any bond is an option for an illegal citizen if it is proven they are not a threat to national security or public safety. 

  • Delivery Bond: With a delivery bond, the detainee is released from ICE, but must attend all scheduled immigration hearings. To qualify for this bond, the person in question must receive an arrest warrant and notice of custody from ICE.
  • Voluntary Departure Bond: A departure bond is a little different. Here, the detainee is given the option, in some cases, to leave the country on their own terms and at their own expense, by a specific date. With this option, there is an immigration bail bond refund when they leave the country if they paid in full.

Just like any other situation, all bail and bail refunds are forfeited when someone skips hearings or in this case, doesn’t leave the country. Immigration bail is necessary to help loved ones stay with their family while their case is processed. With either immigration bail or white collar crime bonds in Cocoa, FL, we understand the price can get up there. When you choose Air Capital Bail Bonds, we can offer competitive rates for bail bonds and bail services. We want to help in the best way we know-how.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the chances of getting an immigration bond? 
    • Though the chances can feel slim, the probability of receiving an immigration bond is not as narrow as you may think. When you work with specific immigration bail bonds companies, you increase your chances. 
  • What happens at an immigration bond hearing?
    • You or a loved one is testifying in front of a judge to see if they will let you out of detainment on bail. The ICE prosecution will try to show all the criminal activity that proves you are a flight risk that needs to be monitored. It is up to you and a lawyer to prove otherwise. 
  • What is mandatory detention under immigration law?
    • This pertains to an INA provision that says any non-citizen with a certain criminal background must remain detained until an official sentence is handed down. Anyone facing mandatory detention is not entitled to a bond hearing and must remain in detention while their hearing proceeds. 
  • How long can ICE hold you in jail?
    • The maximum amount of time that ICE can hold you is 48-hours, but that does not include holidays or weekends, which could extend the amount of time. That being said if, after 48-hours, neither ICE nor police has a reason to hold you they must release you
  • How do I get a bond? 
    • Whether you are seeking an immigration bond or any other kind of bond, you can contact a bail bonds company for support. One that you can definitely rely on is Air Capital Bail Bonds. We can help you with just about every bond service you may need. 
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