What Is An Illegal Weapon?

Gun Gavel Flag Signifying Illegal Weapons

Become Informed of Illegal Weapons

When you’re wondering what weapons are illegal in the United States as well as what weapon charges may be incurred if in possession of them then it’s best to refer to the Gun Control Act. This federal law was put in place in order to provide guidelines as to what and what isn’t allowed in this country. Yet even beyond possession of a weapon, there can be weapons violations that can be detrimental. Although federal laws are put in place, it’s also important to keep in mind that in some cases several states have their own laws regarding various conditions with weapons.  A helpful way to avoid an illegal weapon charge is to become familiar with certain information surrounding illegal weapons be it with knowledge of the illegal weapon list or what would be considered an illegal weapon crime. Here is some helpful information surrounding illegal weapons so you may be informed of correct conditions.

What is an illegal weapon?

There are various types of objects or instruments that can be considered a weapon, however, certain ones have been categorized as illegal by the federal government in order to comply with public policy concerns.

Illegal Weaponry

  • Machine Guns
  • Switchblades
  • Other Illegal Knives
  • Sawed-Off Shot Guns
  • Firearms Illegal to All Civilians
  • Explosives and Bombs
  • Stilettos

People Who Are Prohibited By the Gun Control Act

Under the Gun Control Act the possession or ownership of firearms by certain individuals can be a cause for imparting weapon charges. Under this act such individuals include anyone with a restraining order, anyone convicted of a misdemeanor or domestic violence, anyone who is mentally ill or has been mentally institutionalized, anyone addicted or a user of any controlled substance, illegal aliens or those with a nonimmigrant visa, anyone who was dishonorably discharged from the United States Armed Forces, all fugitives of the state and convicted felons in state or federal courts.

Places To Avoid With Weapons

Under the Gun Control Act even if the holder of a weapon has the right privilege for a weapon there are certain places where these privileges are void. Such places include school buildings and campuses, churches, government buildings, and all airports.

What are weapon charges?

Weapon charges are usually divided into two categories in accordance with most state statutes, i.e. possession and use. Weapon charges concerning possession involve a defendant being convicted or charged of possessing an illegal weapon even if no one was threatened, hurt or saw the weapon.

Is possession of a deadly weapon a felony?

Possessing a prohibited weapon is typically considered a misdemeanor yet certain situations may have it considered as a felony offense. What is considered a felony is when there is a conviction of assault with a deadly weapon.

What is the penalty for having an illegal gun?

The penalty of having the possession of an illegal gun without a license for the first offense is up to 2 years in jail time and/or a fine of up to $500. For subsequent offenses, it is up to 2 years of imprisonment and/or a fine of up to $1,000. If you’re a convicted felon than penalties can be more severe.

Judge Gavel & Scale in Court Library

What are examples of weapons violations?

Weapon violations that could lead to weapon charges are as follows. There are violations of manufacturing weapons yet there are laws which provide guidelines. The sale of weapons is another type of weapons violation, in particular, the selling of firearms are subject to both state and federal laws. Importing weapons require following laws that are put in place while transporting weapons can be an issue as there may be changes across state lines and even within a state. Possession of a weapon is legal with some restrictions involved. Carrying a weapon will vary per the laws held in each state. Finally, the use of weapons follows strict prohibitions of when it can be used and proper licensing must be given or that is considered a violation as well.

Become Informed, Obtain a License & Seek Legal Help

In general, if in doubt as to whether you should be handling a weapon it’s best to steer clear of potential trouble and make efforts to seek and comply with legal guidelines. A license should be obtained for certain weapon possession or use or you may face legal consequences. Be sure to conduct correct avenues of obtaining legal rights with services and institutions that offer training and licenses for work-related or recreational use. There are various avenues where information can be obtained so the safety of yourself and others are maintained. Weapons charges should be navigated with the help of a professional lawyer if you are ever given one. Be sure to stay familiar with what is considered an illegal weapon in US as certain cases of use can imply felony charges. If you’ve received weapon charges be sure to contact a lawyer and local bail bondsman for assistance.

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