What To Do After You've Been Served

You’ve Been Served. Now What? 

Being served with an arrest warrant can be unnerving and stressful, especially if it’s never happened before. The most important thing to remember when you find out you have a warrant is to stay calm. Call the reporting facility and get the details of your case including specific charge, bail or bond amount, if available, and type of arrest warrant issued. Then call a trusted bail bondsman or attorney to help you get through the process successfully. 


When You Have a Warrant, We Can Help! 

Can A Bond Service Help You? 

In most cases, a bail bondsman is beneficial. They can help speed the bail process and even set up a walkthrough service that can negate time served altogether. However, the amount of help that your bondsman can offer depends greatly on the type of arrest warrant you’ve received. Alvarado Bail Bonds in California has laid out the 3 most common types of general warrants and how they may be handled. Most warrants are handed out either because of a missed court date or because of a probation violation. However, many warrants are served because you are a suspect in an active investigation. Arrest warrants can be broken down even further to help decide on the success and process of your bond. 

  • Felony: In many cases, a felony bond will be set after seeing the judge. This means that you must stay in jail until you have had a bond hearing. 
  • Misdemeanor: Many times, nonviolent misdemeanor charges have preset bond amounts that can be paid even before you are arrested. This ensures a speedy release. 
  • Bench: These warrants are issued when you fail to show up to an initial court date. Bench warrants can typically be bonded without a bond hearing. 
  • Capias: Capias warrants are issued when you have failed to adhere to a previously agreed-upon plan of action. These warrants are never bondable. 
  • Violent: Whether the charge is a misdemeanor or a felony, most violent crime bonds must be set by a bond hearing. 
  • Non-Violent: Many times, non-violent crimes have preset bond amounts, whether they are felony or misdemeanor. 

A Bondsman You Can Trust 

When you need a bondsman for an arrest warrant in Wichita, KS that you can rely on, call the Air Capital Bail Bonds team first. We will walk you through every step of your bond process so you never feel lost or out of the loop. Call us today at 316-755-5142. 

If you need to leave, Call Steve!

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